Blue Cactus Backups  




Blue Cactus

Blue Cactus Pro


  1 computer
Windows / Mac
Unlimited computers
Windows / Mac / Linux
Unlimited computers
Windows / Mac / Linux
Automatic and continual backup
Backup locally
Complete & incremental backup
Backup history (multiple versions)
Easy file recovery
Single file restore
Restore previous versions
Windows / Mac
256 bit SSL transmission and encryption
Optional scheduled backup
Windows / Mac
File and folder backup
Anytime, anywhere access
U.S.-based support
phone & email
Program dashboard
Remote install services ($50/computer)
PCI / HIPAA compliancy
Multiple backup sets
Backup to an external hard drive
Backup to a NAS device
Windows Server backup
Bare metal backup
Seed load utility

Hard drive delivery service ($175/data recovery process)
*Hard drive and shipping cost determined at time of need

Dedicated storage
Extra storage space
In-person install (in certain areas)