Blue Cactus Backups  


blue cactus pro

Online backup for all your
business computers and servers

Starting at


10 GB
Unlimited Computers
Windows / Mac / Linux

>>pricing options

10 GB –
50 GB –
100 GB –
200 GB –
250 GB –
500 GB –
1 TB –

All Blue Cactus features plus:

Unlimited computers, servers, external
and NAS devices

Bare metal backup
(requires local backup)
This allows you to restore your Windows system on a brand new computer even though it is with a different hardware configuration as the failed one.

Seed-load utility The Seed-Load Utility of Blue Cactus Pro provides a much faster alternative way to transfer large backup data (usually during the first backup job using the hard drive delivery service) onto the backup server without having to upload the data through the Internet.

PCI / HIPAA compliancy

Hard Drive delivery service To quickly replace large amounts of data, a hard drive will be shipped to you at $175 + hard drive + shipping.

blue cactus

Online backup for all your computers

Starting at


50 GB
1 Computer
Windows / Mac

>>pricing options

50 GB –
150 GB –
250 GB –
500 GB –
1 TB –

Complete, automatic, and incremental backup

Backup locally

Single file restore

Continuous data protection This feature captures every version of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. Whenever there are changes made to the files in the backup set, it will automatically back up the changes to the server immediately.

Anytime, anywhere access

Easy file recovery

256 bit SSL transmission & bit encryption All data will be compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption with a key selected by the user before being uploaded and stored on the backup server. This security meets HIPAA requirements for compliancy.

U.S. based support